Advantages of Metal Corrugated Culvert

Jul. 09, 2020

1 Brief introduction of metal corrugated pipe culvert

Corrugated pipe culvert is a culvert constructed with metal corrugated pipe joints. After the 2.0-8.0mm thin steel plate is pressed into a corrugation, it is rolled into a pipe joint, which can increase the rigidity of the pipe joint and the resistance strength of the pressure of the pipe shaft. In order to prevent corroded corrugated pipe culverts, the inner and outer surfaces of corrugated pipe joints and fastening connecting bolts were hot-dip galvanized, with an average thickness of galvanized layer ≥84 μm. Compared with reinforced concrete pipe culverts, metal corrugated pipe culverts have the advantages of thin pipe joints, light weight, easy transportation and storage, simple construction process, fast assembly, and short construction period.

When installing metal corrugated pipe, it can be arbitrarily assembled into any length according to the needs. If necessary, the pipe joint can be removed and moved to other places for construction. In areas lacking sand and gravel materials or in areas with low foundation bearing capacity, the advantages of metal bellows are more significant. Metal corrugated pipe culvert is a flexible structure that can adapt to large settlement and deformation, and has a certain earthquake resistance. The disadvantage of metal corrugated pipe culvert is that it consumes more steel than concrete pipe culvert, and its price is greatly affected by the market price of steel. In highway construction, steel corrugated pipe culvert has been used instead of reinforced concrete for culvert construction for more than 100 years. In 1896, the United States pioneered the feasibility study of corrugated pipe culvert channels and culvert pipes. Since then, steel bellows have been used for culvert construction in highway construction in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. In 1990, Japan formulated the technical specifications for the design of bellows and culverts. With the installation of bellows culverts all over the world, this structure has proved to be versatile. After China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen and Datong began to import finished corrugated pipe culverts from abroad for culvert construction; Shanghai Highway Administration, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Tongji University conducted dynamic and static load tests on metal corrugated pipe culverts The results show that metal bellows culverts can meet the design and use requirements; metal bellows culverts are also used in the construction of Qinghai highway. Practice has proved that metal bellows culverts in cold areas fully meet the requirements of culvert construction in highway construction.

Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Corrugated Pipe Culvert

2 Advantages of metal bellows culverts.

1) Easy on-site installation, no need to use large equipment.

2) It is helpful to solve the problem of frost damage to the concrete structure of bridges and pipe culverts in the north.

3) Reducing the amount of cement, yellow sand, stones, and wood, which has environmental protection significance.

4) The structural force is reasonable, the load distribution is uniform, and it has a certain resistance to deformation. It has a strong ability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation, and has low requirements for the bearing capacity and flatness of the foundation.

5) Adopt standardized design, simple production and design, and short production cycle. The centralized production of the factory, the production is not affected by the environment, the performance is stable, the installation is convenient, and it is conducive to quality control.

6) The actual cost of the project is similar to or lower than the culvert of the same span.

7) Short construction period is the most obvious advantage. Civil engineering and pipe joint installation can be implemented separately, and then assembled as a whole.

8) It is conducive to improving the "staggered car jump" phenomenon at the junction of the soft ground structure and embankment, improving the comfort and safety of driving and reducing the cost of post-operation operation and maintenance.

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