What Are the Advantages of Spiral Corrugated Steel Pipe?

Apr. 23, 2023

Helical corrugated steel pipe is a continuous circular tubular body formed by rolling a galvanized steel strip into a certain wave shape, and then bending and slanting the spiral to make the edges of the steel strip interlock with each other. Spiral corrugated culvert is also called corrugated pipe culvert, which refers to the corrugated pipe used for culverts buried under highways and railways. It is a circular corrugated pipe made of corrugated steel plate rolled or made of corrugated steel plate. Spiral corrugated culvert is widely used in highways, railways culverts, passages, small bridges, tunnels, temporary access roads, drainage pipes and various mine roadways Retaining wall support and other projects.

Spiral corrugated steel pipe was invented by the United States in 1896 and has been used for more than one hundred years. It is an ideal substitute for cement pipes and reinforced concrete structures. The structure of the spiral corrugated steel pipe is reasonably stressed, the load is evenly distributed, and has a certain resistance to deformation, which can solve the problem of damage to the bridge and pipe culvert concrete structure in the cold northern area (frost). Improve driving safety; reduce post-construction operation and maintenance costs; the actual engineering cost of spiral corrugated steel pipe is also lower than that of similar span bridges and culverts; spiral corrugated steel pipe has its unique advantages and strong adaptability, replacing the traditional The products have broad application prospects.

Other Added Advantages

These pipes suit its market price standard and you spend less as it is safe to install and not difficult at all. You are sure to save a lot of cost with these pipes and they can be installed quickly and easily. There is a lot of roaming for field adjustments which can occur a strain with the wrong pipe. This makes them reduce installation time and cost as they are a lot safer to handle.

These pipes come with longer lengths in comparison to other pipes such as the concrete pipe and this just goes to prove it has fewer joints, making them a lot more installation efficient. Other joints may be attacked such as secure and leak-resistant joints, this can be done with bell and gasket spigot joints. With these pipes, you have less to worry about for the duration of installation being affected by traffic which is common with most forms of underground installations.

It has added environmental advantages as an entire product and throughout its life as well. When compared to other pipes, the corrugated pipes come with smaller carbon footprints due to the less energy necessary to fabricate, move or even install. That’s why it doesn’t release toxins into the environment even when being manufactured or installed. Compared to other pipes, these pipes come with better service life.

Features of Spiral Corrugated Pipe

High compressive strength: 1.5-5 times that of cement pipes of the same caliber.

Light weight and convenient transportation: 1/5~1/10 of the weight of the cement pipe of the same caliber:

Fast construction: the pipe section is long (adjustable from 3 to 12 meters), and the clamp is quickly connected.

Other advantages of corrugated steel culvert.

Helical Corrugated Steel Pipe

Helical Corrugated Steel Pipe

Technical parameters of spiral corrugated steel pipe

1. Steel plate material: JS-SGHC hot-dip galvanized steel plate or SS400 or Q235 hot-rolled steel plate

2. Steel plate thickness: 1.6~4.2mm

3. Channel cross-sectional shape: round, oval, horseshoe, dustpan, etc.

4. Import and export forms: orthogonal, oblique, straight, oblique, etc.

5. Filling height: 0.3~70m.

6. Diameter range: 300~3600mm.

7. Pipe joint connection form: clamp connection, flange connection.

8. Waveform parameters: wave distance × wave depth mm YTLWG-Ⅰ type: 68 × 13 YTLWG-Ⅱ type: 75×25 YTLWG-Ⅲ type: 125×25

9. Anti-corrosion treatment: hot-dip galvanizing thickness of 600g/m2 (double-sided), bitumen coating on site.

10. Service life: ≥100 years.

Use of spiral corrugated steel pipe

◇ Drainage: domestic water discharge, factory sewage discharge, road culvert drainage.

◇ Channels: road and railway human and livestock channels, vehicle channels, small open tunnels, military bunker channels.

◇ Protection: underground communication cables, gas pipeline network protection pipes, urban common trenches.

◇ Industry: coal mine ventilation pipes, coal mine shafts, pile foundation shells, industrial chimneys.

◇ Agriculture: farmland water well wall pipe, canal irrigation, inverted siphon pipe, granary.

Why You Should Be Using Spiral Corrugated Metal Pipe?

Corrugated metal culverts are best applied when it has to do with bridge construction. They also call this metal pipe the corrugated culvert Pipe. It has different rupee such as the spiral corrugated pipe.

This metal pipe helps in withstanding the damage of concrete structures mostly in cold and frosted areas. It produces a reasonable uniformly load-distributing feature and the added advantage is that most are resistant to deformation. The corrugated steel culvert pipe can be one of the best options to use in your construction.

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