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Helical corrugated steel pipe

Metal Bellows Manufacturer and Supplier from China - YITONG

As a manufacturer and supplier of corrugated metal pipes, YITONG is a company that specializes in the production and sale of corrugated metal pipes for various applications. Made from high quality steel or aluminum, these pipes are also galvanized or otherwise coated and feature a corrugated design for strength and flexibility, making them ideal for a range of construction and infrastructure projects.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with reliable, quality products that meet their specific needs. Prior to this we work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and develop custom solutions that provide the performance and durability they need. If you need to meet a specific requirement you can talk to us directly!

We operate globally, serving customers in a variety of industries and sectors around the world. Products are used in a wide range of applications, from drainage systems and culverts to bridges and tunnels.

In order to maintain its position as an industry leader, YITONG invests heavily in research and development, constantly seeking to improve the performance and efficiency of its products. We also take sustainability very seriously and strive to minimize the environmental impact of its operations and products.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of corrugated metal pipes, YITONG is a key partner to the construction and infrastructure industry, providing innovative solutions that help build and maintain the world's critical infrastructure.

Helical corrugated steel pipe

Helical corrugated steel pipe (CSP) is a type of corrugated steel pipe that is shaped like a spiral or helix and is commonly used for culverts, storm sewers, and other types of drainage systems. Similar to other corrugated metal pipes, helical corrugated metal pipe has also the corrugation shape. It is made of corrugated steel sheets that are rolled and welded together to form a spiral or helical shape. 

The corrugations in the steel sheets provide strength and stiffness to the pipe, while also allowing it to be flexible enough to bend and conform to the shape of the surrounding terrain. More over, helical corrugated metal pipe has the special corrugation - annular pattern corrugations, which not only make the culverts more strong and stiff, but also reduce the roughness of flow through the pipe.

Helical CSP is typically used in transportation and infrastructure projects because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand large loads and high levels of stress. It is also often used in agricultural and residential applications to drain excess water from low-lying areas.

Depth of cover

The minimum allowable depth of cover is the largest of:

For roads H=B/8+0.2(m) H=B/6(m) and not less than 0.6(m)

For railways H=B/4 and not less than 0.6(m)

There is a possibility to reduce depth of cover provided that suitable checking calculations will be made.


Flexible structurePlate thicknessKinds of standard corrosion protectionRequired average min value(um)
plates≧6mmHot zinc galvanizing85
≧3mm do < 6mmHot zinc galvanizing70
≧1.5mm do < 3mmHot zinc galvanizing55
Bolts and nuts-Hot zinc galvanizing45

More information on corrugated galvanised steel culvert for sale, please contact Yitong Pipe Industry

At Yitong Pipe Industry, we sell a large variety of corrugated galvanised steel culvert and many other types and grades of steel culvert. This includes corrugated galvanised steel culvert at discounted prices. We can also fabricate any type of steel culvert or structural steel that you may need for your next construction project. We can culvert pipe to fit any length and can ship steel culvert to your job site anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico.

To learn more about the types of pipe we can supply or to view our current selection of corrugated galvanised steel culvert, please contact us online or via email today and ask us a direct question.

For more information about the product, please download the pdf file below to view at:

ASTM A796A796M-2010

ASTM A798A798M-2007

ASTM A762A762M-2008

ASTM A761-A761M-04(2009)

ASTM A862-A862M-1998(2008)

ASTM A926-2003(2008)

ASTM A807-A807M-02(2008)

ASTM A849-2010

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Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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