Quality inspection method of corrugated steel culvert

May. 12, 2017

Check the inspection methods commonly used mechanical properties of corrugated steel culvert are the following:

1, shock test, survey steel corrugated culvert pipe toughness method. The sample is processed into a specified pattern, and on the test machine, a heavy hammer is shaken back and forth to punch the sample. This is called impact work.

2, elongation. In the above attempt, the ratio of the distance from the original gauge to the original gauge is called elongation after attempting to pull apart the original gauge length.

3, flexion attempts. Bend the specimen in hot or cold conditions and bend the corrugated steel pipe 90 or 120 degrees. Investigation of corrugated steel culvert pipe buckling bear experience is not the same as the corrugated steel pipe culvert on the buckling angle and the diameter of the buckling have different requirements.

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corrugated steel culvert

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