Corrugated Pipe 75mm x 25mm

Steel culvert drainage pipe is one of our main products. The steel culvert pipe is used in municipal drainage, building outside drainage, farm drainage, industry drain system, also adopt in road and railway closed conduit or culvert, shell of vertical pile, rain water collection, etc

Corrugated Pipe 75mm x 25mm

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Application of helical corrugated steel culvert pipe

Steel culvert drainage pipe is one of our main products. The steel culvert pipe is used in municipal drainage, building outside drainage, farm drainage, industry drain system, also adopt in road and railway closed conduit or culvert, shell of vertical pile, rain water collection, etc

Drainage: domestic sewage, golf course drain, underground garage, factory drain, factory, airport water drain.
Culvert: drain-pipe under the road, higher cross drain-pipe, underground culvert of railway, small tunnel, closed conduit, small bridge.
Protection shell: underground communication cable, protection pipe for gas pipe, also can be adopted on construction site, and protection shed, etc
Industry: air conduit for gas in coal mine (negative pressure)
Farm: driven well wall for farm, invert siphon for irrigation, farm water drain.


Pipe diameter: 300-2500mm

Length: 1-12m

Thickness: 1.6-3.2mm

Cross section shape and size of galvanized steel helical corrugated culvert pipe:

Normally, the cross section is round shape, corrugation is 68X13mm, 125X25mm


Metal culvert pipe is treatment by galvanized steel belt spiral seaming joint
The diameter is smaller than 1m, adopt corrugation 68X13mm, each section standard length is 6m, diameter is bigger than 1m,adopt corrugation 125X25mm, each section standard length is 6m, and we can make different sizes according to customers' requirements.

Corrugated culvert drainage pipe connection by two or more pieces of clamping band or flange, inlay PE plate or sealant or rubber gasket, fasten by high strength bolts.


The steel plate is DX52D or SGHC, chemical and mechanical property should be accord with EN10327 or JIS G 3302-2010, steel plate size tolerance should be accord with GB/T-709
Clamping band and angle steel material is Q235, chemical and mechanical property should be accord with GB/T700
Clamping band or angle steel fastener need to adopt high strength bolts, nuts, the grand should be or higher than 8.8, its property should be accord with GB/T1231
Corrugated drainage pipe adopt hot galvanized steel belt for forming, or after forming then hot galvanization treatment.

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Clean, smooth, and the zinc coating uniformity.

Clamping band request

Connect pipe sections by clamping band, keep the pipe sections point at pipe sections, prevent separate, the bottom permeate or the filling back material permeate.

Classic clamping band system

When assemble the clamping band, lap over connect to each pipe section equally.
When fastening, the length and width of the part which over lap to the pipe have to can bearing the tightening force.

At present, the application of Corrugated Metal drainage Pipe Culvert has been gradually extended from the initial highway culvert to highways, municipal highways, railways, bridges, agriculture, ports, airports, municipal pipelines, industrial, commercial buildings, residential buildings, mines, old infrastructure restoration, New energy and military fields. 

With increased environmental awareness, rising labor costs, and increased construction requirements, countries such as the United States and Canada have expanded their applications of Steel Corrugated Culvert to cover almost all areas where concrete and ordinary steel sheets were used as construction materials, including : roads, railways and mine tunnels, rivers, sewage, drainage ditches and pipelines, underground foundation protection, rainwater, oil and other liquid storage tanks or wells, solid warehouses, simple warehouses and workshops.

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What is Metal Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Metal culvert pipe is composed of stainless steel net body, stainless steel Culvert Pipe and various types of joints.  Its inner tube is a thin-walled stainless steel tube with spiral corrugation or annular corrugation, and the outer mesh sleeve of the corrugated tube is woven by stainless steel wire or stainless steel strip according to certain parameters.  If you are interested in steel culvert pipe, you can contact YiTong!

It is a new type of pipe with annular outer wall and smooth inner wall. It was first developed in Germany in the early 1980s.  After more than ten years of development and improvement, it has developed from a single variety to a complete products series.  

At present, it is very mature in production technology and application technology.  Due to its excellent performance and relatively economic cost, it has been greatly promoted and applied in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.  

In our country, the promotion and application of stainless steel bellows is in a rising stage, and all technical indexes have reached the use standard.  It is mainly used for water conveyance, drainage, water supply, exhaust, sewage discharge, subway ventilation, mine ventilation, farmland irrigation, etc.  

The service life of corrugated metal pipe is the shortest working period or cycle number that can ensure normal work when used under working conditions.  The elastic sealing system composed of bellows often works under the condition of bearing variable load and large displacement with more cycles, so it is of great significance to determine the service life of bellows. 

Characteristic of galvanized steel helical Corrugated pipe culvert

High strength 

Metal culvert pipe with more than 1.5 times compression strength than the concrete pipe because of the corrugation structure

Easy for transport

The weight of the metal culvert pipe is only 1/10~1/5 of same size concrete pipe, even can be carried by people without machine.

Install in shorter time

The Metal Culvert Pipe is connect by clamping band or flange, and the length can be make according to the customers’ request, then easy to install, and can be installed in shorter time.

Long service life

The steel corrugated culvert pipe adopt 300-600g/m2 galvanization steel plate, normally its servise life is 50-100 years, if in the strong corrosion environment, painting asphalt on the in and out surface of the pipe, can enlong 20-50 years based on the normal service life.


The standard length is 6m, simple connection, shorter working time. Because it is light, easy for transport, with few foundation construction, lower fee on drain pipe. For example, we make comparison on steel corrugated culvert pipe and concrete pipe in diameter 800mm, Metal culvert drainage pipe is only need about 90% if concrete pipe fee, and it can save cost of forklift, crane, and other machines when the transport is not good.

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Analysis Of The Cause Of Cracking Of Metal Bellows

The breakage of the failed metal bellows peak is due to inclusions in the material. The presence of inclusions in the material destroys the continuity of the matrix structure of the metal material, resulting in non-uniformity of the metal structure and reducing the plasticity and toughness of the metal. Under the action of external force, breakage and local tissue shedding occur at this point, which eventually leads to cracking and failure of the metal bellows peak.

The inner and outer surface states of the Metal culvert pipe before the processing are normal. After the metal bellows were formed, tear-like cracks were found at the peaks thereof.

The failed metal bellows are formed by mechanical bulging and formed to <60 tons. After the forming was completed, cracks appeared on the peaks of the two bellows. 

It can be seen from the outside that there is a crack of about 8 mm in the lower part of the corrugated wave of the metal bellows, and a fracture of about 1.5 mm in the center of the crack. There is a crack about 8.5 mm long under the third corrugation peak, and a rectangular protrusion with a width of about 1.0 mm and a height of about 1.0 mm is located at the center of the crack. 

When viewed from the inside, a depression having a length of 3 mm was observed on the inner surface of the crack of the outer tube blank of the bellows. No traces of hard object contact were observed on the back of the two cracks.

There is no trace of bumping or squeezing at the position corresponding to the outer tube blank crack on the outer surface of the inner tube blank. When disassembled, no foreign matter was present between the metal bellows layers.

The reason for the cracking of the metal bellows wave peak is due to the presence of inclusions in the metal material structure. The presence of inclusions destroys the continuity of the matrix structure and reduces the ductility and toughness of the metal. Under the action of the forming force of the metal bellows, material breakage and local tissue detachment or bulging occur at the material slag, which eventually causes the peak to crack and fail.

The shape of the material protruding at the third corrugation crack is somewhat similar to the material detachment at the corrugated crack. Therefore, no further analysis of the fracture of the third corrugation was performed, and only the pipe fracture pattern was extracted for analysis. Therefore, the conclusions drawn from the above analysis still have limitations. If you have a better idea, I hope you can share it with me!

How to solve the corrosion problem of metal bellows?

1. Mixed solution 1 was obtained by mixing 5-10 parts of ethyl orthosilicate, 0.6-1 parts of mercaptopropyl triethoxy silane, 5-10 parts of isopropanol, 3-5 parts of N, n-2 methyl formamide, 3-8 parts of ethanol and 1-3 parts of polyethylene glycol.

2. Mix 1-3 parts sodium silicate, 2-5 parts sodium hexametaphosphate, 1-5 parts maleic anhydride, 0.2-0.6 parts surface active agent, 0.2-0.5 parts antifoaming agent, 0.5-1 parts silicon dioxide and 10-20 parts water in weight to obtain the mixed liquid 2.

3. Heat the mixture liquid 2 to 30-40°C under the protection of inert gas, add the mixture liquid 1 in the state of agitation, stir for 20-30 minutes after adding, then add 0.5-1 part of diethanolamine and 0.2-0.6 part of acetic anhydride, continue stirring for 40-60 minutes, and bring it to room temperature to obtain the anticorrosive liquid for Galvanized Metal culvert pipe.

Corrosion of Metal Culvert drainage Pipe, metal bellows fully into the above processing liquid, under the condition of 40-50 ° C keep 50 to 60 minutes, and then heated to boiling, 2-3 minutes can reach a good antiseptic effect, no any adverse impact on metal bellows, compared with untreated metal culvert drainage pipe, corrugated drainage pipe anticorrosion performance improved obviously after treatment.  

For more information about the products, please enter the PDF link below.

ASTM A796A796M-2010

ASTM A798A798M-2007

ASTM A762A762M-2008

ASTM A761-A761M-04(2009)

ASTM A862-A862M-1998(2008)

ASTM A926-2003(2008)

ASTM A807-A807M-02(2008)

ASTM A849-2010

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