Horseshoe shape corrugated steel pipe

Looking for a reliable and durable solution for your drainage needs? Look no further than YITONG's corrugated culvert pipes! Our pipes are made from high-quality, corrugated steel, ensuring that they are built to last and can withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.

Horseshoe shape corrugated steel pipe

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Looking for a reliable and durable solution for your drainage needs? Look no further than YITONG's corrugated culvert pipes! Our pipes are made from high-quality, corrugated steel, ensuring that they are built to last and can withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. With a variety of sizes available, we have a solution for any project, from small residential drainage needs to large-scale commercial and industrial applications. Our pipes are also quick and easy to install, saving you time and money on your project. Don't settle for less when it comes to your drainage needs - choose YITONG's corrugated culvert pipes for a reliable and long-lasting solution.

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Our main products include 4 types culvert pipes and irregular-shaped pipes, annual capacity is 500,000 meters, the company obtained ISO9000 quality and ISO 14000 certificates, we can produce American and European standard products according to the customers' requirements. As a leading company in corrugated culverts pipes manufacturing, we focus on providing professional service and prompt lead time, producing quality products at competitive price.

Our company can supply corrugated steel pipe available in different shapes. They refer to non-standard circular corrugated steel culvert pipe that buried under the road, railway and it is made by corrugated metal coils or corrugated steel pipe assembled of corrugated plate. The shapes can be oval, dustpan, horseshoe shape. They are widely used in highway, railway culverts, channels, bridges, temporary pavement, drainage channels and a variety of mine roadway retaining wall supporting projects.

Oval Culvert/Horseshoe shape corrugated steel pipe

Material of plate: SS400 or Q235 hot rolled steel plate

Thickness of the plate: 2.0-7.0mm

It can be divided into integral type and assembled typeaccording to the assemble form.

According to the sectional shape of channel it is available in round, oval, arched, horseshoe shape, dustpan-shaped and pear shaped.

By the form of import and export: orthogonal, oblique, straight, oblique mouth

Filling height: 1.5-60m

Diameter of span: 0.5-12m

Section of pipe connection form is divided into: inner flange connection, flange joints, plate lap, and clamp connection.

Waveform parameters (wave pitch*wave depth): 150*25, 200*55, 150*50, 150*65, 300*110, and 400*180.

Anti-corrosion treatment: hot dip galvanizing antiseptic treatment of ≥ 63 μm, secondary corrosion is generally added asphalt coating

Years of use are for more than 100 years.

Size table


We can design and manufacture as per customer’s request.

Depth of cover

The minimum allowable depth of cover is the largest of:

For roads H=B/8+0.2(m) H=B/6(m) and not less than 0.6(m)

For railways H=B/4 and not less than 0.6(m)

There is a possibility to reduce depth of cover provided that suitable checking calculations will be made.


Flexible structurePlate thicknessKinds of standard corrosion protectionRequired average min value(um)
plates≧6mmHot zinc galvanizing85
≧3mm do < 6mmHot zinc galvanizing70
≧1.5mm do < 3mmHot zinc galvanizing55
Bolts and nuts-Hot zinc galvanizing45

The selection process

1. According to the diameter, height of filling culvert to select the waveform parameters.

2. According to the filling height, special anti-corrosion requirements to choose steel plate thickness.

3. According to the conditions of transport, installation environment to choose assembled form.

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More information about the product, please download the pdf file below to view at:

ASTM A796A796M-2010

ASTM A798A798M-2007

ASTM A762A762M-2008

ASTM A761-A761M-04(2009)

ASTM A862-A862M-1998(2008)

ASTM A926-2003(2008)

ASTM A807-A807M-02(2008)

ASTM A849-2010

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